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"When the mind's eyes dwells below the surface, we can start to see the different facets of life. I am driven to manifest this vivid imagery in utmost details and precision to capture the essence of life"
- Pragati

Art3F Zürich

The International Contemporary Art Fair, art3f, takes place every year in different locations in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. International artists and famous gallery owners from all over Europe as well as regional exhibitors meet in Zurich to present their works with live demonstrations

  • Date: 19.01.2024 04:00 PM - 21.01.2024 07:00 PM
  • Location: Wallisellenstrasse 49, Zürich, Switzerland (Map)
  • More Info: Messe Zürich, Halle 3

Price: CHF20

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Dr. Pragati Surana is a self-taught artist. A passionate observer of nature & science, she travels the world to admire nature’s wonders. She trained as an interior designer and was driven to fill aesthetics and refinement in people's homes and lives. Her passion for visual perfection took her journey into different art forms since 2009. Guided by inspiration from artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, Vermeer, Dali & Da Vinci along with a keen observation for details and a passion to find perfection in multitude expressions, she embarked on her first art challenge to reproduce Starry Nights. After a successful outcome, she started learning art through meticulously designed experiments with myriad themes with oil on canvas. She moved to Zurich to immerse in art across museums from Europe. These influences reverberate in her early artistic endeavors till 2019.
Soon she sought amalgamation of cognitive, aesthetic & emotional aspects of life through her works and found a befitting manifestation through hyperrealism. She passionately created sketches using graphite and charcoal mediums and explored her fascination with the animal world. Hyper real techniques could translate and relay the language of eyes from her subjects onto appealing visuals. She extended the technique to oil on canvas to explore photo-real themes with still life and landscapes. Her endeavors continue on this orbit for seminal works that explore layers & light, meticulousness & experimentation, playfulness & precision.
  • Zurich, Switzerland

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